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Pump On Swing JourneyThe Green Egg RunExotic Bird Jigsaw TournamentPyoro IIBird Hunting 1Bird Hunting 2Flying Duck 2012Click’n ChickenDshield Defenderangry bieber 2Aves MasterSave A Chicken

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  • Bird Saver

    Bird Saver

    Save the small birds falling from the tree. Get powerups and try to ..
  • Birdwatcher


    Where is that bird? It's always a rare sighting to see a green bee ..
  • Titty


    Help the small Tit bird jump along the food chain.
  • Pump Two Balloons

    Pump Two Balloons

    Pumpkin is in the air once again, but he only has two balloons this ..
  • Bounce


    A lighthearted game where you set falling birds free by hitting them ..
  • Birdy With Nest

    Birdy With Nest

    Eggs from the bird's nest are falling, the bird has to take the nest ..